About Emily

I am a sometimes cake decorator. I do it for the fun. I love everything artsy and love to create. I am self taught, and claim no professional status. But I love what I do and I hope you do too!


I am a SAHM of four beautiful babies! They are my world. My hubby is a respiratory therapist at Primary Children's hospital. He loves his job and I love that he loves it! I believe you have to love what you do if you want to be happy. I love all of my "jobs." I am first and foremost a mother (the hardest most rewarding job of all) I also do hair one day a week, sell Paparazzi jewlery and design and sell business cards and other graphic artwork. I am a dreamer and love to try to make my dreams come true. 
I hope I can help you make some dreams come true too! I think every special occasion should have a beautiful cake to go with it!


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  2. This is great, Emily! I love you. Hey everybody out there...the cakes are awesome!!! Buy a bunch of them!